Putting Plans Into Action – Victoria Kinney

As a Meredith student, Victoria Kinney, ’18, set goals and achieved them, landing a position at one of the world’s leading employers, even before completing her degree.

Planning helped her stay on track while completing two majors, in accounting and economics and a double minor in finance and international business.

“I would always think far in advance, even early in my college career, about where I wanted to be, what I wanted as my outcome, and make a plan,” Victoria said. “I planned how many times a day I was going to apply for internships, and factor that into my schedule. Having a plan and putting it into action made me strong.”

Thanks to her preparation, Victoria earned an internship at SAS for the summer of her junior year. She proved herself during this internship enough to be invited to work part time throughout her senior year.

After graduation, Victoria will work full time at SAS as an associate contracts specialist in the Business Operations Division.

Victoria feels her strong communication skills are contributed to her successful job search.

“Accountants kind of have a stigma that they don’t really talk, but I can talk to anybody,” Victoria said. “I help make people feel comfortable, and I can also be comfortable in situations like an interview with nine people. At a job interview at SAS, one of the best companies in the world, I can conquer that situation.”

Victoria has confidence in her skills because of her Meredith experience.

“I’ve learned I can truly do anything that I tell myself I can do. I made connections with the faculty, and they were always there to encourage me, and to help me make an even better plan.”

Along with her academic preparation, Victoria made time to be active in campus life. Among her activities were serving as the Meredith Accounting and Finance Association secretary, and as Student Life vice chair during her junior year. She also served as the Class of 2018 fundraising chair, and was her class representative in the 1891 Club.

She also helped plan her class’s Ring Dinner, a special memory that is tied to her family’s tradition of attending Meredith. Victoria followed in the footsteps of her mother and two older sisters. “I’ve always wanted to come to Meredith, ever since I was a little girl. My sister, who graduated in 2010, planned her Ring Dinner so I always wanted to plan mine. I think it was one of the best nights of my life.”

The distinctive Meredith class ring, the onyx, symbolizes the connection among alumnae.

“When you see someone with their onyx in public, there’s an instant connection. It reminds you of why Meredith is so empowering, just in those two seconds that it takes to see the ring,” Victoria said.

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