Early College High School Students

Meredith College welcomes Early College High School and dual credit students. We offer a challenging yet supportive environment, a wide variety of academic choices, and generous financial aid opportunities.

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Why Complete Your Degree at Meredith?

  • You’ll be automatically considered for all of our first-year scholarships, including an Academic Merit Scholarship, awarded to all first-year students who meet Meredith’s admission requirements, which provides $20,000 – 27,000 annually.
  • A number of majors can be completed in two years, and others in 2-3 years.
  • You’ll receive individualized advising from your assigned faculty advisor, and additional advising support through Academic Advising.
  • Our Student Success Center maintains a culture of care and support for all Meredith students through advising, success coaching, peer tutoring, and mentoring.
  • Through StrongPoints®, you’ll identify your top strengths and learn how to apply them in your studies, extracurricular activities, career, and finances. And StrongPoints staff provide personalized strengths coaching, too.
  • You’ll also receive peer support from Student Advisors who provide friendly advice as you transition to Meredith.
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“I entered Meredith College with dual enrollment from Bladen Community College. Being a first-generation student, it was extremely difficult for my parents to let me attend college in the first place. But once I was finally here at Meredith, my friends allowed me to really open up and understand how to juggle college, personal life, mental health, and more. My success coach was another person who really helped me stay in college and would check up on me, which I always appreciated.”
Itzel Zuniga
Interior Design Major

Why Early College and Dual Credit Students Choose Meredith

Early College High School and dual credit students thrive at Meredith. We offer a challenging yet supportive environment, a wide variety of majors, and generous scholarships and financial aid.

Ready to Apply?

We recognize your determination to earn college credits during high school. Students admitted to Meredith will receive credit for coursework completed with a grade of C or better at an accredited community college or four-year institution. Here are the steps for applying to Meredith and receiving credit for your efforts.

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1. Apply to Meredith as a first-year student using this list of application requirements.

Early College and dual credit students apply to Meredith as first-year students. You’ll be eligible for all first-year scholarships. If you’ve earned an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Fine Arts degree from a NC Community College you’ll enter Meredith with junior standing.

2. Provide your high school and your college transcript for evaluation.

This is critical to ensure that you receive credit for your work. College classes for which you have earned a C or better will transfer to Meredith. This is a standard part of your application process as a first-year student. Meredith has a credit Articulation Agreement with the North Carolina Community College system and a long history of providing college credit for ECHS and dual credit students across the US.

3. Contact an admissions counselor if you have any questions.

We’re here to help! You can contact admissions by sending them an email at, calling them at (919)-760-8581, or visiting them on campus on the 1st floor of Johnson Hall.


Over the past 6 years, 94% of early college or dual-enrolled students have stayed at Meredith to finish their degrees.


The graduation rate of the most recent class of early college or dual-enrolled students is 93%.

“I came into Meredith with a full associate degree that I obtained through an early college program. When I began my journey during the height of the pandemic, I was worried about finding my place on campus and getting access to all of the resources. However, I quickly realized just how supportive my faculty and staff were. They helped me develop a plan based on my interests and goals, taking into account my prior credits and experiences. I was able to have one-on-one conversations with my professors, which led me to declare my majors in psychology and Spanish, pursue my K-12 licensure, and study abroad in Costa Rica.

My experiences have opened so many possibilities for my future. After graduation, I plan to teach Spanish, something I never saw myself doing before coming to Meredith. I would love to one day continue my education in a program that would lead me to work in higher education so I can help others the way my faculty and staff helped me."

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