Tip Sheets

The information tip sheets below provide techniques and strategies for increasing wellness in a variety of areas.


Counseling Center Library

The Counseling Center maintains a small library of self-help books on a variety of subjects (e.g. overcoming depression, stress management, improving relationships, recovery from substance abuse). Meredith students, faculty and staff are welcome to come by our office to pick up free copies of pamphlets or to check out a self-help book.

Health, Safety & Responsibility

Meredith College is committed to assisting students and other members of the College Community in developing responsible attitudes and behaviors about the use/non-use of alcohol and other drugs within the framework of existing College policy and state laws through an annual newsletter.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Counseling Center is not accepting walk-in appointments and is conducting the majority of services through telehealth visits. In crisis, contact the counselor on-call by calling Campus Police at 919-760-8888 or the Critical Response Team at 919-612-6350 for assistance during the fall and spring academic semesters. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, email counselingcenter@meredith.edu or call 919-760-8427.

Contact Information
Beth Meier
Director, Counseling Center
208 Carroll Hall
(919) 760-8427
Fax: (919) 760-2383