The Meredith College Alumnae Association Board of Directors supports the College through outreach initiatives, student recruitment and development.  The Board of Directors manages activities and events focused on the engagement of alumnae throughout the year. 

Board of Directors

Amanda Steele Johnson ’96                         President

Claire Sullivan Slaughter ’72                         Past President

Ashley Parr Henderson ’97                           Vice President for Student Relations

Blair Briggs Roberts ’04                                Vice President for Alumnae Relations

Kate Breen ’01                                              Vice President for Development

Jessica Griffin ’14 MBA                                 Graduate School Representative

Quintala Parham ’08                                     Wings Representative

Camille Stuckey Stell ’84                              Networking Angels Representative

Samantha Watson ’14                                  Young Alumnae Board Representative

Courtney Allen ’10                                         Secretary

Annette Bailey ’79                                         Member-at-large

Stella Sutton Barker ’03                                Member-at-large

Joy McNeill Chafin ’97                                  Member-at-large

Jennifer Christenberry ’92                            Member-at-large

Kay Davis ’97                                               Member-at-large

Penny Gallins ’72                                         Member-at-large

Lucy Henry ’87                                             Member-at-large

Kimberly Minich Rogers ’82                         Member-at-large

Christina Cole Spears ’13                            Member-at-large

Karen Maness Stone ’80                             Member-at-large

Fran Simpson Summerlin ’69                      Member-at-large

Judy Williams ’74                                        Member-at-large

If you would like to contact the Alumnae Association or one of our board members, please do so by emailing us at