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Alumnae Reunion / Class Information

Alumnae Reunion Class Information


We look forward to welcoming you back to campus for your first Meredith Reunion, which honors 5 years since your graduation. 

Class Event Agent: Alexis Trell and Alex Thurston Hottovy

Class of 2015 Letter



Members of the Class of 2010 will be celebrating their 10th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Lauren Connell Huber and Carolyn Penning Mercer

Class of 2010 Letter



Members of the Class of 2005 are invited to celebrate their 15th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Rachel Chilcot Findley

Class of 2005 Letter



The Class of 2000 will be celebrating 20 years since graduation from Meredith.

Class Event Agent: Sarah Glover Donleycott

Class of 2000 Letter



After 25 years, members of the Class of 1995 will be celebrating a special silver anniversary.

Class Event Agent: Missy Barakat Boyd

Class of 1995 Letter



The Class of 1990 is invited to celebrate their 30th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Robin Wright Vincent and Kay Crowder Rowe

Class of 1990 Letter



Members of the Class of 1985 will be celebrating their 35th class reunion since graduating from Meredith.

Class Event Agent: Lee Page

Class of 1985 Letter



The Class of 1980 will be celebrating their 40th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Victoria Ballard Currin

Class of 1980 Letter



Members of the Class of 1975 are invited back to campus to celebrate their 45th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Jo Ann Williford

Class of 1975 Letter



After 50 years since their graduation from Meredith, members of the Class of 1970 will be celebrating their golden anniversary.

Class Event Agent: Sue Hammons Cook and Cindy Griffith McEnery

Class of 1970 Letter



The Class of 1965 will be celebrating their 55th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Billie Hartsell Freeman

Class of 1965 Letter



The Class of 1960 will be invited to celebrate their 60th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Anna Fay Jackson Campbell

Class of 1960 Letter



Members of the Class of 1955 are invited to celebrate their 65th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Patty Melvin Watson



Members of the Class of 1950 are invited to celebrate their 70th class reunion. 


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