Career Exploration: Four Ways Meredith Makes Internships Work For You

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At Meredith College, internships are an essential part of your education. With our strong reputation among employers, both locally and nationally, students will have plenty of opportunities to find an internship that best suits their passions. In fact, 31% more Meredith seniors participate in internships or field experiences compared with other college students nationally.

Here are four benefits to doing an internship in college.

1. Gain work experience 

Most often, career-related experience is a job requirement, even for entry-level positions. Internships help close this gap and allow you to learn through hands-on work experience. 

There are specific skills you cannot learn from a classroom. Through an internship, you will have the opportunity to develop and refine your skills. You can also explore and apply your acquired knowledge within your chosen field.

2. Create professional connections

It can be challenging for you to gain a foothold as a young professional. Internships are one of the best ways to expand your professional network.

During your internship, you’ll be surrounded by and meet professionals who can help pave the way for your future career path. They can recommend you for future employment and internships and serve as excellent references.

3. Develop a strong resume

Resumes introduce employers to a potential employee’s background, skills, and experiences. Given how competitive the job market is, you need to create a concise, tailored resume and focus on the employer’s needs. 

Including accurate descriptions of job experience, the skills gained through the experience, and examples of completed projects on your resume will stand out to employers. 

The experience gained through an internship at an accredited business will be sure to catch an employer’s eye. Plus, the more experience you have on a resume, the better.

Read more about how to write a resume.

4. Transition into a permanent job

Studies show that 70% of employers offer their interns full-time jobs. 

Employers use internships to determine how you will perform in specific situations. If the employer is impressed by your work, they are more likely to consider taking you on full-time. 

Even if you are not hired for a full-time position, leaving a good impression is essential. The employer may offer a job in the future or you can utilize them as a strong reference.


Most students complete one or more internships here at Meredith. We believe students learn best by doing, and internships can help you land your dream job.

To learn more about internships at Meredith, visit, or contact The Office of Career Planning at (919) 760-8341.

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