How Connecting With an Admissions Counselor Can Benefit You

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The college admissions process can seem daunting – but you’re not in it alone! Your admissions counselor can be a great resource for you throughout your college search. We’ve put together some information for you about getting to know your admissions counselor.

Colleges and universities assign admissions counselors to prospective students in many different ways. Most schools’ websites have resources to help you identify your admissions counselor.

At Meredith College, admissions counselors are assigned to work with prospective students based on where the student lives and what high school they attend. If you’re not sure who your admissions counselor is, you can contact the Office of Admissions, today.

The Benefits of Talking with an Admissions Counselor

In between school work, co-curricular activities, and everything else you have going on, adding in the task of getting to know your admissions counselor might seem stressful. However, working with your admissions counselor can help relieve some of your college search concerns.

If you have questions at any point during your college search or application process, your admissions counselor is only a call or email away. Having a person that you can reach out to directly for an answer can eliminate worry and wasting your time and energy. If your admissions counselor can’t answer a question directly, they can put you in touch with the right person or office on campus who can.

Connecting with Your Admissions Counselor

Whether you connect via email, phone, or in person, there are many different ways to meet your admissions counselor.

Campus visits and admissions events like open houses can provide great opportunities to introduce yourself to your admissions counselor. Admissions counselors at different schools participate in campus events in a variety of ways – interviews, information sessions, campus tours, etc.

If you have questions or would like more information about a college, many schools encourage you to reach out to your admissions counselor directly.

Topics to Discuss

Not sure how to get the conversation started or what you should ask your admissions counselor about? Admissions counselors can be great resources for learning more about topics like:

  • College application materials
  • Student life and clubs & organizations
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Type of college experience you want (Big school or small school? Rural, urban, or suburban?)
  • Campus visit options
  • Transferring credits from community colleges or AP tests
  • Getting connected with athletics
  • Application deadlines
  • Campus events

Your counselor can also connect you to a number of different people on campus, including current students, faculty, financial assistance staff, and more.

The More You Know

The more your admissions counselor knows about you, your academic interests, what you’re looking for in a college, and co-curricular activities you enjoy, the better they can help you and connect you with information that’s relevant to you. From available scholarships, details about your intended major, or activities hosted by student organizations that interest you, your admissions counselor can help keep you updated. Many admissions counselors say that getting to know prospective students and working with them throughout the college search process is the most fun and rewarding part of their job.

Your next step? Introduce yourself – your admissions counselor can’t wait to hear from you!

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