For all applicants, a completed application, including an essay, is required. Students must also submit a non-refundable $40 application fee or acceptable fee waiver. Please review the complete list of application requirements below. 

High School Transcript

Your high school record provides the most comprehensive record of your academic accomplishments in high school, making it one of the most important aspects of your application for admission.  We’ll review your coursework for academic rigor and your grades for success. Meredith uses an unweighted grading scale when reviewing transcripts.

Minimum completed units in grades 9-12:

  • English – 4
  • Mathematics – 3, 4 preferred (Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry or a higher level course for which Algebra II is a pre-requisite.)
  • Science – 3
  • History/Social Science – 3
  • Foreign Language – 2
  • Academic Elective – 1

SAT or ACT Scores

Submission of the SAT/ACT is an optional component of the application for admission.

All applicants will indicate their testing plan when completing their application for admission. Once the application is submitted, changes to the testing plan should not be  requested unless an applicant intended to submit a score and was unable to take an exam. If  you’ve taken the SAT or ACT and feel the score represents your ability, submit the score(s). If  your access to the exam(s) has been limited, submission of the scores is not required.  Whichever option you choose is okay; you will not be penalized for the option you choose.

Learn more about applying test optional

Students submitting test scores may have their official scores sent directly from the testing agency or retrieve a Student Score Report from their student account at the  testing agency. A Student Score Report may be emailed to your admission counselor or You may also upload your Student Score Report in your applicant portal AFTER you’ve submitted your application for admission.

Meredith’s SAT code is 5410. The ACT code is 3126. Meredith super-scores. Be sure to  send all score reports.

The essay portion of the SAT and ACT are optional.

Note: Submission of a test score for the STEM Scholars Program is preferred but not required. 

School Report – School Official Recommendation

Your high school counselor’s recommendation is an important component of your application. Complete the top portion of the school report – school official recommendation, print and deliver to your counselor. Please ask your counselor to mail, email or fax the completed form to the Office of Admission.


Provide a recommendation from a teacher or school official who can attest to your academic ability during your junior or senior year. Additional academic recommendations are welcome.


A writing sample is an important component of your application. All applicants, regardless of the application platform used, must respond to the Meredith Essay Prompt. Applicants using The Common Application will find the Meredith Essay Prompt on our Common Application Member Screen.

Your response provides deeper insight into who you are – your passions, your strengths, your writing skills, and it helps us understand the qualities that you’ll bring to the Meredith community. Your essay helps us understand the experiences that have shaped you. Aligning with Meredith’s Honor Code, all writing must be your original work.

Meredith Application Essay Prompt:
Please submit your thoughtful response to the following two-part question (maximum combined length should be no longer than 500 words):

  • Describe the attributes of a Meredith education that make it a good fit for your future.
  • Provide a personal example which demonstrates your commitment to planning, pursuing, and reaching your goals in the face of challenge.

The Common Application Essay Prompts can be viewed here.

ZeeMee Profile – optional 

Meredith is pleased to partner with ZeeMee, a free service that provides students with a creative tool to bring their application to life. Tell us more about yourself than an application can tell! Sign up at, create your profile and then cut and paste your link into your application.

Home-schooled Students

In addition to the requirements above, an interview with an Admissions Officer and two recommendations are required. One of the recommendations should be completed by a non-relative.

For complete admission guidelines, contact the Office of Admissions at (919) 760-8581 or 1-800-MEREDITH or The current Undergraduate Catalogue also provides detailed admission information.

Application Fee

A non-refundable $40 application fee or acceptable fee waiver is required at the time you submit your application for admission. To review an extensive list of applicable fee waivers, please review the fee waiver list on The Common Application or our Meredith Application.

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