Undergraduate Costs

Full-Time Tuition 2023-24

12 to 18 credit hours (over 18 hours, additional course overload fee of $1086 per credit hour applies)

2023-24 Full-Time Tuition: $43,816
Per Semester: $21,908

Full-Time Tuition & Fees: $43,936
Per Semester: $21,968

Note: Tuition is charged based on a student’s full- or part-time status, not on the format of instruction, which may vary. Tuition includes a $120 annual student activity fee. In addition, a student should also allow for books, supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

Full-time Tuition stated as per hour rate
If taking 12-18 credit hours a student will be charged for 12 hours, at a rate of $1,826 per hour or a total tuition of $21,908 per semester.

Housing and Food


Housing and Food: $12,920 ($6,460 per semester)

Private Room – Additional Fee: $750 per semester

2022-23 Apartments (requires 12 month lease- billed by semester)

  • 4 bedroom/2 bath units
    • 2022-23: $11,100 per year
  • 2 bedroom/2 bath units
    • 2022-23: $13,128 per year

Billing Due Dates for Tuition and Fees

  • Fall semester: August 1
  • Spring semester: December 1

Part-Time Tuition – up to 11 credit hours

1-5 credit hours $1,086 per credit hour

6-8 credit hours $1,803 per credit hour

9-11 credit hours $2,686 per credit hour

Credit Hours/Charge

1        1,086.00

2        2,172.00

3        3,258.00

4        4,344.00

5        5,430.00

6        7,233.00

7        9,036.00

8        10,839.00

9        13,52500

10      16,211.00

11      18,897.00

Course Audit Tuition

$1,506 per three hour course for non-degree seeking students ($502/credit hour)

Other Student Fees

Activity Fee:
$60 per semester (all full- and part-time undergraduate students)

Graduation Fee:
$125 upon application for graduation

Specific Course Fees:
May vary by course

Accompanist  Fees:

Depending on whether a student is giving a recital during a particular semester, accompanist fees range from $200-550 for instrumental students and $775-1,000 for vocal students.

Parking Permits:
Residents: $200/year
Commuters: $125/year

Health Fee:
Commuters and Apartment Residents – $200 per year (optional)
Residence Hall residents – included in room charge

Meal Plans
Traditional residence hall meal plans are included (in housing charge indicated above).

There’s a choice of meal plans for commuters and residents of The Oaks Apartments.

Health Insurance: 
Health insurance is billed at the start of the fall and spring semesters.

You must waive health insurance each year in order to avoid charges. Please visit the Health Center Website for more information.

Annual Health Insurance Premium:

2022-23: $3,588.00

Fall semester (five months coverage) $1,495

Spring/summer (seven months coverage) $2093

Contact Information
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140 Johnson Hall
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 760-8363