Accounting FAQs

 Accounting Department 140 Johnson Hall
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 760-8363

Please visit our website. Go to and from the A-Z listing, select Accounting. Select the “Billing and Payments” tab to view detailed information regarding billing and payments. PDF instructions can be found here for your reference.  

  • Fall bills are due August 1 
  • Spring bills are due December 1. 
  • Students wanting to register after the due date are required to pre-pay for estimated costs. 
  •  You can view your Fall bill on or around July 5th. 
  • Students who pre-register for Spring will be able to view the account on or before November 10th. 
  • If you register after theses dates, your account will be available within the next business day following registration. 

Student Self Service allows students and others (through Proxy access) to view account activity and pay the student account. Students can access Student Self Service once they have been assigned a NET ID and have registered for classes. Parents and other third party individuals can access Self Service through the link provided in the e-mail once the student has granted proxy access, or at  

  • Billing and Payments 
  • Students are assigned a NET ID through Technology Services. This is used to access Student Self Service (, where the online account can be viewed and paid. 
  • Parents or others can be given access to the account once the student adds them through proxy. Proxies are notified via e-mail of access and the link is 
  • Debit or credit card through Student Self Service (convenience fee applies) 
  • E-check through Student Self Service (no fee to pay via e-check) 
  • Mail a check: Meredith College, Accounting Office, 3800 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27607 Please be sure to include the Student ID number on the check 

Yes, you can make a payment to the account online with only the student name, ID#, and amount you want to pay at You can use card (convenience fee applies) or e-check (no fee). See PDF payment instructions at under “NON-Student Payments”  

In order to allow you to divide your payment into monthly installments, we offer the following plans in fall and spring. There is a $35.00 non-refundable fee due at enrollment and students must re-enroll each semester. Please complete your enrollment in the plan by the tuition due date to reserve your class schedule. Enroll online at PDF instructions can be found at 

Fall Plans 

  • 5 payment plan – payments are due on the first of each month from July through November
  • 4 payment plan – payments are due on the first of each month from August through November

Spring Plans 

  • 5 payment plan – payments are due on the first of each month from December through April
  • 4 payment plan – payments are due on the first of each month from January through April 

We know that sometimes the amount that appears on your account may not be the amount on which you need to make payments. In order to allow you more flexibility, you can make changes to your plan amount. 

You need to complete the enrollment in the payment plan and pay the enrollment fee first. Once you have completed the enrollment, you can log in to the payment plan and change your plan amount as needed. Look for the “Adjust Balance” link on the Profile Details page. Enter the correct amount and Submit. Be sure to review the Student Account in Self Service to ensure the payment plan total will cover the account balance. Changes to the student account during the semester will not automatically update your plan. Previous term balances or credits will not be included in the new semester payment plan. You may need to add or deduct that amount after completing enrollment. 

Please keep a record for your files for future reference as to why you reduced or increased the payment amount. 

Contact Information
Accounting Department
140 Johnson Hall
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 760-8363