Research Grants

Students may request funding from the Undergraduate Research program for supplies associated with their research project. Proposals are submitted by the student to the Undergraduate Research Committee for consideration. Examples of possible funding requests include perishable supplies used in research, copy costs for manuscripts pertinent to the research, small equipment that is specific for the research project.

Travel Grants

Students traveling to present research at local, regional and national conferences may apply for a travel grant from the Undergraduate Research Program. Maximum support currently available per student is $500 to cover travel, registration, and preparation costs for student presenters. If several students are traveling to a conference, each student should apply for travel support.

The Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee (URAC) considers proposals for both travel and research grants.  We make our funding decisions based on the overall quality of the proposal application, and the completeness and accuracy with which the student has addressed all items in the application.  We will not accept proposals without explicit proposal-approval by the student’s faculty research mentor.  We finalize decisions on individual travel grants only upon confirmation that the student’s conference proposal has been accepted.  Other factors the advisory committee may consider when making decisions on grant awards include the following: Total cost of conference attendance, Previous funding received for travel from Undergraduate Research, and Relationship of project to the student’s field of study and future educational/and or professional goals.

Review Schedule for 2022-23

1st Submission Period
Submission Date: Friday, October 28 by 4 PM Approval Date: Friday, November 4
2nd Submission Period
Submission Date: Friday, March 10 by 4 PM Approval Date: Friday, March 17


  • To apply for a travel grant, complete the travel grant proposal form.
  • To apply for a research grant, complete the research grant proposal form.
  • The Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee uses the following rubric to assess proposals.
  • Send an electronic copy of the proposal to  Or, if unable to send the proposal electronically, then please send your completed form with a signed cover sheet via campus mail to:
    Undergraduate Research
    15B Lux Hall

Application Review

Proposals for research and travel grants are reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Committee twice each semester. Below are some examples of successful travel grant proposals and abstracts.

Expense Reimbursement

If funding for a research grant is approved for 2022-23, a request for reimbursement along with copies of original receipts must be submitted to the office of Undergraduate Research by no later than April 29, 2023.

If funding for a travel grant is approved for 2022-23, each individual should submit a request for reimbursement by itemizing their individual expenses and provide copies of original receipts. Requests for reimbursement should be submitted by individual students, not faculty, and should be submitted within 14 days of completion of travel.

Undergraduate Research at Meredith

Check out this video series to see the many ways Meredith College students are going strong in undergraduate research.

Check out this video series to see the many ways Meredith College students are going strong in undergraduate research. 

Contact Information
Carolina Perez-Heydrich
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of Undergraduate Research
115-B Lux Hall
(919) 760-8020