StrongPoints Office and Staff

The StrongPoints staff are available to help you develop your strengths and make plans for academic, experiential, financial, and career success. Specifically, they offer

  • Individualized strengths coaching
  • Connections to academic, experiential, financial, and career resources
  • Guidance on strengths-based decision making



Making the most of your strengths requires focused effort throughout your time at Meredith. That’s why we created StrengthsLab – a dedicated space on campus for every student to work on her strengths with a variety of resources that support strengths development.

What happens in StrengthsLab? In addition to individual student work, the StrongPoints team frequently hosts events such as senior send-off and a strengths-based leadership series. And campus departments offer programming such as workshops on strengths-based resumes and mock interviews with employers.

Contact Information
Emily Caldwell
Director, StrongPoints
217 Park Center
(919) 760-2255

"StrongPoints encourages our students to think about what they bring to the table and how to use it in a positive way."