Four Years of StrongPoints

Here are just some of the ways you’ll build on your strengths each year.

First Year

  • Work with your faculty advisor to explore your academic interests through Meredith’s general education and academic programs.
  • Enroll in FYE 100 and learn strategies for academic success, campus involvement, personal finance, and major and career exploration.
  • Gather information about co-curricular experiences such as student organizations, study abroad, athletics, and undergraduate research.


  • In collaboration with your faculty advisor, select a major and create a pathway to complete your studies on time.
  • Explore interests, values, and skills through experiential opportunities and determine how they relate to your major and career interests.
  • Begin identifying internships, undergraduate research, and study abroad options that align with your academic, personal, and career goals.


  • Monitor and revise your academic progress and graduation plan in consultation with your faculty advisor.
  • Assume leadership roles in your co-curricular experiences, both on and off campus.
  • Participate in internships, research, and job observations aligned with your major and career goals.


  • With your faculty advisor, review your academic plan to ensure completion of all graduation requirements.
  • Selectively focus on leadership development through co-curricular experiences.
  • Participate in conversations and programming to support financial planning after college.
  • Take advantage of job preparation programs such as resume critiques, mock interviews, job fairs, and career counseling appointments. Apply for graduate/professional school programs and job opportunities.

Contact Information
Emily Caldwell
Director, StrongPoints
217 Park Center
(919) 760-2255

"StrongPoints encourages our students to think about what they bring to the table and how to use it in a positive way."