Self-Designed Major

The self-designed, or contract, major allows highly focused and motivated students to design a unique course of study. This option is ideal if you would like to combine course work in several disciplines or pursue a specific topic in depth within or across disciplines.

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Shelly McMahon
141 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8593

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There are two types of self-designed majors available to current students: departmental and interdisciplinary. Departmental contract majors primarily include courses within the particular department or school, but may include courses from other disciplines. Interdisciplinary majors allow students to combine coursework from multiple disciplines. All self-designed majors must be approved by Academic Council, which oversees curriculum at Meredith. Read more about how to design your own major in the Undergraduate Catalogue.
Julia Dent

Julia Dent, an aspiring photojournalist, chose to create her own major in media writing.

Maggie Mauney

Maggie Mauney discovered how a willingness to change your mind can open new possibilities.