Research Planning & Assessment

The Office of Research, Planning and Assessment (RPA) supports and facilitates assessment processes and provides institutional research data for continuous improvement.


Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1: Guide assessment efforts for continuous improvement campus-wide.

Outcome 1.1: Support and evaluate annual Continuous Improvement Report (CIR) processes

Outcome 1.2: Facilitate and evaluate Comprehensive Program Assessment (CPA) processes

Outcome 1.3: Provide consultation on special projects such as grants and SOTL


Goal 2: Provide institutional research and assessment data to relevant groups for decision-making, marketing and national rankings

Outcome 2.1: Develop, administer and report results of internal and external surveys 

Outcome 2.2: Provide annual institutional research data to internal and external audiences


Goal 3: Comply with federal, national, regional and state reporting requirements

Outcome 3.1: Provide oversight on College accreditation processes

Outcome 3.2: Submit required institutional research data to appropriate bodies


Goal 4: Support college strategic planning processes

Outcome 4.1: Assist units in assessing strategic plan outcomes

Outcome 4.2: Provide and communicate annual strategic plan data  


Goal 5: Develop and implement a RPA communication strategy

Outcome 5.1: Communicate assessment results, trends and issues with campus stakeholders

Contact Information
C. Dianne Raubenheimer,
Director of Office of Research, Planning and Assessment
Johnson Hall third floor, 308
(919) 760-8913
Fax: (919) 760-8606