Public Health

Public Health 

If you have a broad range of health-related interests and a passion for making a difference, the public health major at Meredith will be a good fit for you. This interdisciplinary program offers a strong liberal arts education combined with the opportunity to gain specific skills in a rapidly growing field.

At Meredith, you will have opportunities to pursue in-depth research under the guidance of faculty mentors. You’ll be prepared for a professional position as a public health generalist, and you’ll be well-equipped to pursue an advanced degree in public health if you choose to do so.

Career Outlook

Public health is a diverse and rapidly growing field. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, public health-related employment opportunities are expected to grow in the coming decade in response to global concerns such as emerging diseases, bio-terrorism, infectious disease surveillance, and water resource issues. 
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STEM Summer School
two students in lab coats smiling

Meredith STEM College is an opportunity for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade women to develop their interest in science. 
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student in checked shirt

At Meredith, Rana Oueijan, ’19, pursued a focused academic path and enjoyed a variety of powerful hands-on learning experiences. Next up: the four-year Doctor of Pharmacy program at Campbell University.

Profile photo of Tori Edwards

Victoria (Tori) Edwards, ’18, has accepted challenges inside and outside the classroom, while discovering a passion for quality healthcare and her desire for advocacy.

Katie Murphy

At Meredith, Katie Murphy, ’18, came to see how her sense of responsibility is a strength, and the support she received in and out of the classroom empowered her to succeed in her goal to attend medical school.

Public Health Videos

Strong Story | Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio

With support from her research adviser, Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio, ’22, discovered a passion for studying the reproductive system and maternity. She hopes to encourage other Latina women to pursue their dreams and earn a college degree.

Why is it so difficult to eradicate some diseases?

Public Health Program Coordinator Carolina Perez-Heydrich explains what makes some diseases so difficult to eradicate.