» Poll: Mid-term Elections Enthusiasm and N.C. Constitutional Amendments

The latest edition of The Meredith Poll, conducted by Meredith College, found North Carolinians are enthusiastic about voting on November 6, but they are also not well informed about the state’s proposed constitutional amendments.

The Meredith Poll found great enthusiasm for voting across the board, without an enthusiasm gap favoring Democrats, as has been predicted in some states. More than 80% of respondents indicated it was “almost certain” or very “probable” that they would vote this year. Just more than 78% of unaffiliated voters indicated it was highly likely they would vote, as compared to just over 81% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats.

On a generic ballot, respondents favored Democratic candidates for Congress and state legislative races.

This poll was conducted from August 25-30, 2018.

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