From courses that address the most pressing issues in the criminal justice field to the ability to tailor your schedule to what works for you, our program includes a range of value-added benefits.


Although this program is fully online, every student participates in a 2-3 hour on-campus orientation that includes program information, technology training, tips for effective studying at the graduate level, and more. Why? We are committed to helping you succeed in your studies, and this orientation sets you up for success from the beginning of your program. While we strongly encourage in-person attendance, for students living at a distance from Raleigh, virtual attendance is also an option.

Ideal Location

Because Meredith’s program is fully online, you can pursue your degree or certificate from anywhere. But as a student, you will benefit from our location in the thriving, capital city of Raleigh because of our strong connections with top-notch professionals in the region who will be teaching your courses.

Networking Events

You will be invited to attend two events each semester with a speaker or speakers on an important topic in the field. Our location in Raleigh and connections within the community allow us to bring in speakers from the F.B.I., local law enforcement, corrections, private security, the medical examiner’s office, crime lab, juvenile justice, and more. You’ll be exposed to cutting-edge information and be able to network with professionals in your field. To ensure that all benefit from the information covered, the events will be recorded and made available online.

Emerging Issues

The criminal justice field is changing rapidly. Meredith’s program will prepare you to effectively manage emerging issues. Today’s professionals are expected to deal with a wide range of victims and offenders, particularly related to substance abuse, addiction, mental illness, and trauma. In addition, classes that focus on intelligence data will prepare you to understand this growing aspect of criminal justice.


Meredith’s M.A. in Criminal Justice is flexible, allowing you to pursue the program at the pace that works best for you. Whether you prefer to earn your degree in a more compressed timeframe or take fewer classes per semester for greater work/life balance, there is an option for you. See sample course schedules.

In addition, if you’re unsure about committing to earning the full master’s degree, you may choose to first earn your Criminal Justice Graduate Certificate and those courses will count toward your M.A.

Experienced Faculty

Meredith’s program is designed to give you both the academic knowledge and professional skills you need. That’s why classes are taught by instructors from the field who have a solid research-based background and practical experience.

Writing Focus

The ability to write clearly and effectively is an essential skill that only continues to grow in importance in the field. A significant amount of policing involves writing reports and media messages, as well as keeping accurate, detailed, and clear field notes. Through this program, you will hone your writing skills to prepare you for your current role and to advance in your career.

Thank you for your Interest!

You can connect with a graduate admissions counselor in a variety of ways—choose the one that’s most convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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