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Gain a competitive edge in the criminal justice field. Whether you want to advance your career, teach, apply to law school, or pursue a doctorate, Meredith’s fully online program will prepare you to succeed.

Our Online Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice is changing. Technological advancements coupled with contemporary world events have created an ever-increasing need for criminal justice professionals who have insight into the sociological, legal, theoretical, and practical arenas of law enforcement.

At Meredith, you’ll benefit from our strong reputation in criminology and sociology, our connections with professionals on every level, and our deep commitment to improving the lives of others. All classes are offered online, allowing you to continue working full-time while earning your degree.

In addition, Meredith’s program is an effective nontraditional pathway to corrections and criminal justice jobs. From teachers to social workers to counselors, there is a growing need for professionals with varying backgrounds and experiences. Meredith can help you make the transition to this exciting and growing field.

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Programs

Advance your criminal justice career through this online program that prepares you for administrative and leadership positions. This is a 36-hour master’s degree.

Meredith offers a criminal justice post-baccalaureate certificate for students who wish to gain more skills and knowledge to further their careers in the criminal justice sector. This is an 18-hour certificate.
Through this post-baccalaureate certificate, students will learn to deal effectively with substance use disorder, trauma, and mental illness issues. The program takes 12 hours to complete. 
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Why Get Your Master of Arts in Criminal Justice From Meredith?

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  • Learn in classes taught by experienced practitioners.
  • Meredith’s M.A. in criminal justice is flexible, allowing you to pursue the program at the pace that works best for you.
    • Every student participates in a 2-3 hour on-campus orientation that includes program information, technology training, tips for effective studying at the graduate level, and more to ensure your success.
  • Get a high-quality education at a moderate price.
    • Tuition is $610 per credit hour.
  • Hone the writing skills you need to write reports and court documents, keep accurate field notes, and more.
  • Network with a robust community of criminal justice professionals.
  • Prepare to manage critical emerging issues, including gender, substance abuse, addictions, mental illness, and trauma.
  • How long does it take to get a master’s degree in criminal justice?
    • It takes 18 months to 2 years to complete Meredith’s M.A. in criminal justice.
    • Meredith’s M.A. in criminal justice is a 36 credit hour program.
  • An M.A. in criminal justice is appropriate for those who have an undergraduate degree in the following areas and want to earn a master’s degree:
    • Criminal Justice
    • Criminology
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Political Science
    • Communication
  • Earn your undergraduate degree and your M.A. in five years through Meredith’s 3+2 accelerated M.A. in criminal justice program.
  • Examples of student success at Meredith include
    • Johana Calderon Suarez, ’22, who completed her M.A. in criminal justice while balancing life as a single mom. Johana pursued her degree to move into a career where she’s helping the community’s most vulnerable people. At Meredith, she gained essential skills and tools to apply evidence-based policy and practice in her caseload.

What Can You Do With a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice administration is a growing and evolving field with a positive employment outlook. For example, police and detective jobs are expected to grow by 7% by 2026, while federal probation officer jobs are predicted to grow by 20% in the same timeframe.

  • Jobs with an M.A. in criminal justice degree include management level positions in police administration, security management, correctional administration, government management, management of juvenile corrections, and border patrol supervision.
  • Individuals with a master’s in criminal justice make on average $45,000 – $59,000 per year.
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