Lending a Helping Hand – Sana Haseeb

Advisor. Leader. Mentor. Researcher. And future doctor. All words to describe Sana Haseeb, ’19.

For Sana, helping others has always been an important part of her life. When she arrived at Meredith, she sought out ways to lend a helping hand around campus and in the local community.

Sana served as a student advisor for three years, which allowed her to mentor incoming freshmen and guide them through their college journey. And she found success, earning the Going Strong Student Advisor Award and being named a Top-5 Student Advisor.

“I have built a special connection with all of my advisees as well as the other student advisors,” said Sana. “This opportunity has given me leadership, communication, and mentoring skills that I will use throughout my career.”

Along with being a student advisor, Sana is a member of White Iris Circle, the campus tour guides. This was important to Sana because she feels she has an impact on a prospective student’s decision on whether to make Meredith their home for the next four years. And she loves to share the passion she has for Meredith with high school and transfer students.

“Since Meredith was the best decision I ever made, I wanted to share my excitement and love for my college by giving tours to prospective students and chatting with their parents,” said Sana.

Her drive and passion for helping others will carry over into her career as a doctor. As a biology major, Sana has volunteered throughout the community, preparing herself for medical school.

“I have shadowed a radiation oncologist at Duke Hospital and Wake Forest Hospital, where I was able to witness their bedside manners and patient interactions,” said Sana. “I have also volunteered at Rex Hospital for four years, where I was able to familiarize myself with the healthcare setting and was able to aid doctors and nurses.”

It was through those experiences where she discovered a love for working in pediatrics. “I have been able to gain valuable skills that will help me in the healthcare field.”

Prior to attending medical school, Sana will spend her time conducting research. While at Meredith, she has developed laboratory skills and techniques through her undergraduate research that will help her during her medical career.

“Throughout my four years, I was able to see myself grow and develop personally and professionally,” said Sana. “Going to a women’s college has given me a lot of confidence in myself and has motivated me to be a leader.”

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