International Fashion – Patricia Kalevas

Fashion merchandising and design major Patricia Kalevas, ’18, has made the most of her Meredith experience through close relationships with her faculty advisors, studying abroad, and participating in undergraduate research.

One challenge that Patricia faced at Meredith was being a first-generation college student, but with the support and encouragement of her faculty and fellow classmates, she has found success in every aspect of her college life.

“My parents have always been extremely supportive of the idea of me attending college and pursuing the career of my dreams,” said Patricia “However, I wasn’t set up with the dos and don’ts of college, so I had to connect the dots and figure things out as I went along.”

Patricia credits her fashion program advisors Diane Ellis and Ali Howell for her academic success and personal growth over the past four years. They have helped her maximize her time and opportunities as a fashion undergraduate.

“My relationship with my faculty advisors is one of the predominant reasons I am the student I am today,” said Patricia. “I have received nothing but encouragement from my advisors and they have guided me every step of the way during my time here at Meredith.”

Patricia’s study abroad experience in Paris, France, with the Meredith fashion program confirmed her desire to work in the fashion industry. She had the opportunity to live in the fashion capital of the world along with landing an internship with Elie Saab.

“It was this past summer where I realized that I was, without a doubt, in the right industry,” said Patricia. “My strong international perspective shined through my work experiences and adventures.”

Aside from her internship experience abroad, Patricia has participated in Meredith’s Undergraduate Research Program. She worked as a writer alongside Howell on a project where they focused on intersectional identity through Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Her research is currently under revision with the Journal of Popular Culture.

Along with her fashion merchandising and design major, Patricia is also pursuing a minor in marketing. Her list of credentials continue as she has served as the vice president of the Meredith Fashion Association and was a National Retail Federation student challenge finalist. Being an active student in the fashion program at Meredith and the mentoring relationships she has developed with her faculty have prepared her for the real world.

Patricia is undecided about her plans after graduation, but she plans to pursue career avenues in merchandising and allocation within product lifestyle management and business solutions.

She feels prepared for the next step in her journey because of the knowledge and confidence that her Meredith education has given her.

“I believe my experience has served me well as I prepare to launch my professional career,” said Patricia. “Not only has Meredith assisted me in developing the confidence and skills I need to become an industry professional, but it has given me the incredible sense of family that is near and dear to my heart.”

By Chandler Hines, ’18

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