Pursuing a Passion for Literature and Writing – Hannah Flood

Through interning with the College’s marketing department, studying abroad in London, and participating in campus traditions, Hannah Flood, ’20, built connections at Meredith to last a lifetime.

It was during her study abroad trip when Hannah developed a strong passion for literature and writing, which led her to declare her major in English and minor in professional writing. Garry Walton,professor emeritus at Meredith, helped inspire this decision. “I was struck by his passion for Shakespeare, and realized that the same passion for literature lived inside me,” Hannah said.

To build on the writing skills she learned in the classroom, Hannah decided to take an internship with Meredith’s Department of Marketing as a student writer. This opportunity allowed her to develop personal connections with faculty, staff, and fellow students across campus while writing their profiles. “I enjoyed learning about them on a personal level so I could then share their unique stories and highlight their achievements for the Meredith community,” she said.

Hannah also served as a writer for Meredith’s student newspaper, The Meredith Herald. Working among other peers with similar interests gave her an outlet to grow personally, academically, and professionally. “I’ve learned it’s so important to find your place on campus, whether that be through your major, an organization or club, or a campus publication,” she said. “Finding a group of friends who have the same interests as you can provide reassurance when you need it, and a healthy push when you need that, too.”

Traditions like Cornhuskin’ and Big Sis’/Little Sis’ also had a significant impact on Hannah during her time at Meredith. “The sense of unity and pure fun at late-night Cornhuskin’ practices with my friends really made me feel like I was a part of something greater than just myself and my studies,” she said. “Through these experiences, I found lasting friendships that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

In attending a women’s college, Hannah was able to develop the confidence and independence that will allow her to succeed and achieve her dreams. “Because of the support from the Meredith community, friends, advisors, faculty, etc., I know that I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to, and that I have support and resources through my connections at Meredith.”