Building a More Just Society – Nia Simpson

“I came to Meredith because I wanted to join a school with a vibrant community, small class sizes, and a place for me to grow! Meredith checked all of those boxes and I made the right decision. 

I spent my first two years at Meredith undecided on my major. I enjoyed taking all of my general education classes, but once I took Sociology 100 I knew it was right for me. I have always been a people person, so sociology fits my interests. 

My relationships at Meredith have brought me so many wonderful connections. My Onyx grants me endless networking connections, and I am so grateful for that now in my post-graduate life. 

I am so thankful for both of my internship opportunities. My first placement opened my eyes to the justice system, and my second placement allowed me to combine my passion for working with juveniles and aspects of the justice system. 

After I graduate, I will be attending North Carolina Central University and pursuing a Master of Social Work. 

I learned resilience in college. I feel confident enough to face whatever challenges I may face in this lifetime!”