Annie Morin

Student Annie Morin in front of Johnson Hall fountain

Annie Morin, ’18, challenges herself to learn something new every day. At Meredith, she had many opportunities to grow as a psychology major and through her involvement in campus life.

Annie made strong connections early on at Meredith, including with Professor of Psychology Cynthia Edwards. “I took my first class with Dr. Edwards during my first semester, and I’m so happy that I did,” Annie said. “She has been encouraging me to keep pushing myself ever since.”

The Honors scholar has worked as the lab manager for Edwards’ Meredith Emerging Adulthood Longitudinal Study and has worked with her on independent research. During her senior year, Annie also served as a student assistant in the psychology department.

“Working for Dr. Edwards allows me to utilize and build on my strengths. As Dr. Edwards gets more confident in me, I have developed more confidence in myself – I do know the answer, I do know how to do this, and I am getting better at it every day. That type of confidence and mentorship is so valuable, because she challenges me and reaffirms me at the same time.”

While Annie calls the psychology department’s location in Ledford Hall a second home, she’s also been active in campus life. She served on Honor Council, on the Student Government Association Executive Board, and as a student member on the College’s Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee.

This year, Annie served as chair of the Honor Council, having previously served as solicitor general.

“The goal of Honor Council is education, not punishment. In every case, we work to make sure the student understands how to prevent an Honor Code violation in the future,” Annie said. “Serving the community in this capacity has been extremely rewarding. I have been able to watch students take a low and turn it into a point of growth and strength in their story.”

Studying abroad in Spain was another important experience. “I loved every second, even the challenging moments, because I could feel myself growing every day. ​ I know that I am capable of going way beyond my comfort zone and conquering challenges.”

Since returning to campus, she has been a Study Abroad Peer Adviser for the Office of International Programs. “I have loved being able to tell other students about my experience. As a result of study abroad, I want to travel internationally in my career.”

Annie, who has maximized her four years at Meredith, says one of her attributes is the ability to find the fun in most any situation.

“I haven't done anything at Meredith that I haven’t enjoyed, from research to study abroad to academic opportunities, from Honor Council to SGA to traditions. I think that is because I know myself well enough to pick things that I enjoy.”  

While leadership has been a positive experience for Annie, her senior thesis project focuses on what to do when involvement in campus life becomes overwhelming.

“My own research is investigating the students who are involved with clubs and ​organizations here on campus and the ways that they cope with the burnout they might experience while serving in those positions. With it, I believe we can improve how we respond to student organizations and better address members’ needs. To complete the project, I got support from the entire psychology department.”

She shared her research in a poster presentation at the Southeastern Psychological Conference and during Meredith’s Celebrating Student Achievement Day.

Annie has been accepted into Meredith’s new Master of Arts in Psychology program. The industrial/organizational psychology focus of the program fits her desire to help people.

“It is a great combination of working with statistics and with people. I know that I can use my strengths to help organizations find research-based solutions to the problems they might be experiencing. This is exciting because I will be able to learn about the ​field I love in a place that I already call home.” 

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