• Always lock your office, car and room door(s) when you leave (even if only for a few minutes).
  • Avoid walking or jogging alone.
  • Avoid poorly lighted areas.
  • Engrave identification number on valuables. Keep a record of all credit cards and property serial numbers. Campus Police will engrave your valuables if you request it.
  • When walking at night to a parking lot, have your keys ready so that you can get into your car quickly without attracting attention. Be aware of what is going on around you.
  • Do not leave keys in your vehicle or valuables in view. Lock all valuables, cellular phones, radios, sporting equipment, camera, briefcase, luggage, etc. in the trunk.
  • Never leave wallets, purses, book bags, etc. unsecured or unattended.



Contact Information Ann Gleason, chair of Meredith’s Incident Response Team (919) 760-8521 gleasona@meredith.edu