OCP is dedicated to ensuring that all students’ experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds are respected and affirmed. Individual identities, values, and goals are an essential part of the career and professional development process. When considering career and internship opportunities, we encourage you to research what potential employers are doing to create inclusive, welcoming workplaces for all, and we encourage employers to develop a campus recruiting strategy that eliminates barriers and promotes an equitable and inclusive culture.

How do you know if a potential employer truly promotes diversity and inclusion? We encourage you to review the following tips to help evaluate whether a workplace is inclusive:

Search specialty job boards. Many specialty job boards exist that are dedicated to posting positions from employers who have demonstrated a commitment to inclusive hiring practices. Check out the resources by population for some specific sites to begin with.

Look at lists and indexes. Check out organizations that have been recognized for their diversity and inclusion efforts. Forbes, DiversityInc, and Fortune annually publish lists of top employers for diversity and inclusion. Another resource that could be helpful is the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, which rates organizations on equity of their policies and practices. Read through these lists to see which organizations align with your career interests, and investigate open positions.

Research the organizational culture. There are many ways to get a pulse on company culture. Review an organization’s website, social media pages, and employee profiles. Can you pick up on any signs that the organization is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace? Does the organization have employee resources or affinity groups? Are people of diverse backgrounds in leadership or management roles? Scroll through recent news articles to better understand the types of activities and issues associated with the organization’s leadership. Check out external websites like Glassdoor that provide reviews for organizational culture.

Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Conducting informational interviews with people working in your field of interest can help you gather industry-specific knowledge. Use your personal network, Handshake, LinkedIn or Meredith Mentors to connect with people working in positions/fields of interest with whom you share an identity. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor in OCP to help you search for professionals in your field. Ask them questions about their experience navigating the workplace and hiring process. Inquire about their knowledge of specific organizations. These types of conversation may lead you to discover resources and will help you gather inside information, all while growing your own network. 

Source: Tips for Finding an Inclusive Place to Work by Julianne Smith, Associate Director, Career Education at Boston College