The Meredith College Chaplain serves as a campus pastoral presence and is available for students, faculty, and staff from all religious or non-religious backgrounds. The Chaplain guides religious and spiritual programs and engages the Meredith community in meaningful social issues—poverty, issues of race, interfaith understanding, women’s issues etc. The ministerial staff offers lectures, programs, small group activities, and counseling opportunities for the campus.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina
The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC) and Meredith College have agreed to work together in a partnership that supports the mission and calling of both entities. This partnership honors the historic relationship of the College to Baptists in North Carolina, and serves as a vehicle for shared programs.

Through the partnership Meredith College seeks to support the work of CBFNC. The Meredith Chaplain is active in CBF and serves on CBF’s Racial Reconciliation Ministry Team. The CBFNC provides scholarship funding for Meredith College students as well as funding for the ministry intern in the Chaplain’s office.

CBFNC offers several opportunities for Meredith College students to engage in summer missions programs. Some of the positions offered will be limited to Baptist students, but a number of the positions are not linked to a denominational preference. The Jones Chapel Reading Room has a shelf with materials from a number of agencies and denominations that employ college students in summer ministry positions.

Title IX 
The Office of the Chaplain is a confidential resource for Title IX.

Contact Information
Rosemarie Cafaldo
(919) 760-8607