What a Strong College Support System Looks Like

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Years of research on what makes college students successful points to a critical factor – resilience: the ability to bounce back and pursue your goals while encountering challenges and obstacles.

Your first year in college will bring many, many changes. New friends, being away from family, more rigorous courses, and managing your time are all challenges to success in college, particularly for new students. This is why having a strong support system at your school is extremely important – not just in the form of friendships but through services your school offers.

This blog will cover what you should look for in a strong support system at a college or university.

Personalized Academic Advising

The quality of your college experience is greatly enhanced if you receive proper academic advising early and often throughout your major. One of the primary reasons you attend college is to receive your degree in an area of academic study you’re passionate about – so it’s essential to have someone support you through that process. Especially if you don’t know what you want to major in yet, a good advisor can help you with those decisions.

Learn more about academic advising at Meredith.

Supportive and Engaging Faculty

Some of the most important learning you do in college will be outside of the classroom. Your professors should be able to point you to possible internships, community-based learning experiences, and other opportunities. Opinions of a good student-to-faculty ratio vary, but generally speaking, a lower ratio means more individualized and engaging support from your professors. There’s a lot to be said for faculty that know their students by name and give them personalized support inside and outside the classroom.

Aspen Degler, ’22, found success through working closely with her faculty mentors. Aspen said her advisors continuously encouraged her and helped her navigate her academic journey to find what she was passionate about. Thanks to their support, Aspen secured a paid internship with the Surf City Police Department.

Ask your admissions counselor about faculty support and the learning opportunities they provide in your program(s) of interest.

Strong Career Planning

Pairing a career planning counselor with an academic advisor will help you apply the skills you learn in the classroom to the real world through opportunities such as jobs and internships. Job boards, mentorship programs, mock interviews, resume help, and career fairs are just a few resources a supportive career planning center can provide.

Learn more about the benefits of career planning.

Mentorship Programs

By providing guidance, encouragement, and advice, a mentor is someone who you can look up to and lean on through college and beyond. Since finding one doesn’t always come naturally, mentorship programs are a great resource on college campuses. For example, Meredith offers the Big Sis’/Little Sis’ program as well as Meredith Mentors to help connect you with a more experienced Meredith student or alumna with similar interests and goals.

Celeste J. Herra, ’22, was introduced her freshman year to the National Retail Federation (NRF) by her advisor and Big Sis. She would later be chosen as a Rising Star Scholar and had the opportunity to go to New York City for the NRF convention.

Learn more about how a mentor can benefit your college experience.

Clubs, organizations, and other ways to get involved and make connections

A strong sense of community is important on a college campus, and so is finding spaces where you fit within that community. Not just to give you a sense of belonging but also to help you establish connections and build relationships for personal and professional support.

When you’re on campus visits, take a look around at the posters and flyers – what types of events or activities are being promoted? Do any of them sound interesting to you? You can also ask your admissions counselor or explore the college’s website for a list of active clubs and organizations on campus to see if anything sparks your interest.

Clubs, organizations, athletic teams, undergraduate research opportunities, campus events, and more are great ways to get involved, explore your passions, meet new people, and build your support network. Plus, they all look great on a resume.

View the full list of Meredith’s clubs and organizations.

Supportive Disability Services

If you are a student with a disability, having support from a dedicated disability services counselor is important to your success. A supportive disability services staff values diversity and self-advocacy and works hard to create accessible, inclusive, and sustainable living and working environments on campus for all.

Learn more about Meredith’s Disability Services.

Student Counseling Services

A student counseling center provides a safe place for students to talk throughout the academic year with professionals about various personal issues: stress and time management, relationship issues, anxiety and depression, and more. When looking at different colleges, ask your admissions counselor about resources the counseling center offers – such as one-on-one appointments with a trained counselor, crisis support, and other resources.

Student Learning Center/Peer-Tutoring

Even if you consider yourself to be a strong student in high school, you may find that some subjects don’t come as naturally in college. This is why a strong learning center or peer-tutoring program is important to your success. Explore a college’s website or ask your admissions counselor about this during your visit. See what subjects are offered, if the services are free, and how to schedule an appointment. At Meredith, tutors are currently-enrolled students who have excelled in their coursework and have a record of outstanding performance.

Check out Meredith’s Learning Center to see how peer-tutoring can empower you.


During your college experience, you’ll inevitably face challenges – but you don’t have to do it alone! Find a college that meets your needs by providing a strong support system.

Learn more about how Meredith helps students go strong, and schedule your visit today.

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