Top 7 Best Instagram Spots on Meredith’s Campus

Two Students wearing colorful hijabs smiling in front of Beam Fountain

Female Student in Courtyard with arm out-stretched taking a photo of herself

Meredith College is known for many things, among them our impeccable academic credentials, our strong, successful graduates, and our ideal location near downtown Raleigh.

And, of course, our beautiful campus.

With classic brick buildings situated on 225 acres of lush, park-like grounds, every corner you turn at Meredith offers a new Insta-worthy spot. In this post, we highlight seven of the most popular Instagram locations on our campus. Whether you’re a high school student visiting for the first time or an alum checking out your favorite haunts, we’re sure you’ll find a spot to fit your feed.

Students posing side by side in front of Johnson Hall with arms resting on each others shoulders

#1 Johnson Hall

Our most iconic building has been the beautiful backdrop for many an Insta post. Some like to feature it in the background, others head inside to the rotunda to make use of the sweeping staircase and soaring balconies, and still others highlight the balcony that graces the front of Johnson (Cornhuskin’ anyone?).


Students posing in front of the Beam Fountain

#2 Beam Fountain

Student sitting on fountain wall smiling with hand supporting face Just in front of Johnson Hall you’ll find the Elizabeth Triplett Beam Fountain Plaza. The circular brick fountain featuring the beloved College seal (known as the Lux) is the perfect spot for individual and group shots, especially at Commencement time. (Yes, the “steps” in the fountain were made from the original marble steps that led up to the entrance of Johnson Hall, but please resist the understandable urge to climb on them – they can be slippery!)


Students posing in front of the Heck Fountain in the Campus Courtyard

#3 Heck Fountain 

Located in the center of one of Meredith’s main courtyards, the Heck Fountain is named for Fannie E.S. Heck, a social activist and writer who was a benefactor of Meredith. Surrounded by historic brick buildings, expansive lawns, and large, picturesque trees, you’ll have lots of room to get just the right angle for your post.


#4 Front Gate

Looking down front campus drive with stone columns and Johnson Hall visible in backgroundThe Meredith sign that adorns the front gate is perfect for students and alums who want to show off their school pride in a tasteful, understated way. Even better, pull back a bit to include Johnson Hall in the background (just watch out for Hillsborough Street traffic!). Bonus Insta opportunity: festive greens and bows in Meredith maroon adorn the gates during the winter holiday season.


Student in regalia posing in front of Chapel with columns visible

#5 Jones Chapel

Although many of the photos taken in front of Jones Chapel feature brides who were married here, the white columns and classic architecture offer a graceful setting for Insta pics.


Student on left posing in front of Building; Student on right posing in SMB atrium in graduation gown

#6 Science and Mathematics Building

With its geometric lines and glass-topped atrium, the Science and Mathematics Building (affectionately known as SMB) offers plenty of natural light and interesting angles for your photos. The back courtyard provides additional opportunities, with fountains, lush plantings, and shaded benches. Strategic lighting makes this a great photo spot at night, too.


Two students seated and three students standing in front of the Cate Center

#7 Cate Center Mural

One of the newest locations on the list, the mural on the first floor of Cate Student Center is an appealing background for your pics, offering subtle texture and a big splash of Meredith maroon.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Your next step? Pay us a visit. While you’re here, find your own favorite spot and share it on Insta! Don’t forget to tag us: #meredithcollege or #MCgoingstrong.

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