The Best Places Within Walking Distance of Meredith College

Front gate to Meredith with Johnson Hall in the background.

When thinking through your college choices, you want to consider the resources available around campus. What if your prospective school doesn’t allow freshmen to bring cars? What if you don’t own a car?

Walking or biking to nearby attractions is an important part of student life. And should be an important factor when making your college decision. You want to have easy access to various resources without needing a vehicle. A grocery store. A coffee shop. Or a go-to late-night snack spot.

Here are nine favorites within walking distance to the Meredith College campus.

1. Whole Foods Market 

Today, college students are looking for healthier food options. Whole Foods Market is the only USDA-certified organic grocer in the United States and is full of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free offerings. And Meredith students find it to be a nice lunch spot, too, with hot bars, salad bars, sandwiches, pizzas, casseroles, and a variety of healthy options you can enjoy in-store or take back to campus with you. All meals are fresh and cooked with local ingredients.

2. Lucky Tree 

What’s a college campus without a local coffee shop? College students enjoy coffee first thing in the morning. Or late at night when they are pulling an all-nighter. Lucky Tree is a unique coffeehouse with baked goods, local art exhibits, and open-mic nights. Owned by twin sisters, Lucky Tree offers menu items made with whole ingredients and completely wheat-free. Vegan options are also available. It’s a popular spot for Meredith students to enjoy a nice cup of joe or a delicious baked good while hanging with friends.

3. ComedyWorx 

Are you interested in improvisation? Up for a good laugh? ComedyWorx, located right across from the front gates of campus, is a comedy club that specializes in comedy shows and improvisation classes. Its purpose is to bring the art and fun of improv to Raleigh. Classes are offered weekly, and you can catch live, family-friendly improv comedy shows every weekend.

4. dress. 

Who doesn’t love a good consignment shop? As the six-time winner of the Midtown Diamond Award for Best Consignment Shop, dress brings the best in women’s designer resale to the Triangle. The shop offers designer clothing, fine and costume jewelry, handbags, shoes, belts, and sunglasses. You can find high-end consignment at competitive prices.

You will also find a bagel shop, running store, and bike shop in the same plaza, Ridgewood Shopping Center.

5. Brickhouse Sports Pub 

Want to catch the big game? You’ll never miss a game, no matter what sport. Brickhouse Sports Pub is a favorite among sports fans who want to catch all the sports action. Brickhouse has 10 120” projection screens and more than 20 LED TVs. And if you can’t part with your furry friend, a large dog-friendly outdoor full-service patio is available.

6. Reedy Creek Trail 

Reedy Creek Trail runs through the Meredith campus. It is a five-mile trail that connects William B. Umstead State Park to Meredith College. Students, faculty, and staff can be found enjoying the trail all year round. The path is perfect for walking, running, or biking. It passes among some of the area’s feature attractions, including the North Carolina Museum of Art. For those exercise enthusiasts, we have a greenway in our front yard.

7. North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) 

Love a good art museum? The NCMA opened in 1956 as the first major museum collection in the country to be formed by state legislation and funding. Located right off the Reedy Creek Trail, it’s a favorite among the Meredith community. Students can enjoy art exhibitions, classes, workshops, concerts, movies, and performances.

8. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 

Need a break from the heat? Ben & Jerry’s has the perfect recipe for a cool down, and it’s a popular outing for Meredith students on a hot day. Ben & Jerry’s offers more than 60 flavors of ice cream and offers anything from cones to sundaes to milkshakes. And don’t forget to grab a free scoop on Free Cone Day in April.

9. Waffle House 

What’s a college “town” without a Waffle House? It’s a great late-night spot if you get hungry or need a break from an all-night cram session. There’s something about diner food at midnight that just makes everything perfect. And it’s open 24 hours so that you can visit again for breakfast.

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