Service Scholars

Want to make a stronger commitment to community service? Maybe the career you are thinking about after graduation has a heavy community service focus, such as teaching or social work. Maybe you see community service as something you will continue throughout your life even if your career isn’t directly focused on community service.

If so, the Meredith Service Scholars program is a special opportunity for a select group of students. The Service Scholars are a group of students who have demonstrated their commitment to community service and to addressing social problems. In addition, these are students who want to develop their community service and leadership skills while at Meredith.

Service Scholars are awarded a four-year scholarship (renewed annually) that helps support their work in the community service area. Students are competitively selected for this scholarship. Details on the application process are provided on the Financial Aid website.

If selected, the student is awarded a $1,000 annual Service Scholarship. In return, the student completes a set of service and coursework requirements during her four years at Meredith.

Contact Information
Office of Student Leadership & Service
Catie Trimble McAnulty
Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Service
(919) 760-8338