Academic Merit Grants & Scholarships

Classification: First Year
The Award:

Meredith College Impact Scholarships (Academic Merit Scholarships) recognize students’ having superior academic ability, achievement and leadership potential. These awards are available each year for entering freshman who have exceptional credentials. Scholarships range from $20,000-$24,000.

How to apply:

Your application for admission is your application for academic merit scholarships. A holistic review of your application is completed. Award amounts may be determined by such factors as: grades reflected on your high school transcript at time of admission, SAT/ACT score at time of admission, and rigor of coursework. Students are notified regarding Academic Merit Scholarships or Tuition Grants approximately two weeks following an offer of admission to the College.


Meredith College Academic Merit Scholarships are renewable for a total of four years subject to the recipient’s remaining in good standing, being a full-time student and maintaining good academic standing at Meredith.

Contact Information
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