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Postal Services

The Willie J King Postal Center provides a full array of services for students and staff at Meredith College. The center is located on the first floor of Cate Student Center, directly across from the Meredith College Supply Store.

Window Services

  • Stamps: The Postal Center sells stamps individually, in books of 20 and rolls of 100. Stamped envelopes and post card stamps are also available for purchase at the window.
  • Packages and International Letters: UPS, USPS and FedEx are used to send packages and international letters.
  • Registered Mail and Money Orders: The Postal Center does not process registered mail or sell money orders. The Method Road Post Office or Cameron Village Station may be used for these services.

Payment Options

  • Students and employees have the option to use cash, check or CamCard to pay products or services.
  • Meredith College departments must provide an account code for charging back all incurred Postal Center expenses.

Student Mail Services

Student mail is put in mail boxes by 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with the exception of student holidays. Outgoing mail pick-up is at 5 p.m. Students receive notification of package delivery in the their mailbox. Students should bring the notification and their Camcard are required for package pickup.

Questions concerning arrival of mail should be directed to mail room employees after 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Addressing Mail and Packages to Students

Proper syntax to address letters or packages to students, follow the format below.

Student Name
Room Number - Residence Hall Name
(Example - 309 Heilman)
Meredith College
Raleigh, NC 27607-5298

Mailbox Combinations

Combinations are distributed on Move-In Day. The student is responsible to remember this combination. There is a 24-hour wait to reset the mailbox combination. Students will need to come by the Post Office and add their name to the list, then bring their Camcard to pick up the new combination.

Mailbox Security

Students should take responsibility to provide proper security for campus mailboxes. Below are suggestions for safeguarding mailboxes.

  • Spin the dial several times after closing the mailbox door. This will insure the combination is not preset.
  • Do not preset mailbox combinations for convenience.
  • Never give combinations to other people. This will compromise mailbox security.
  • Do not let items accumulate in the mailbox.
  • Always personally pick up packages and mail.
  • If there is any suspicious activity, report it immediately to a postal employee or the campus police.

Mail Pockets

Commuter students have mail pockets near the Postal Center.

Summer Information

During the summer the Postal Center staff will make every effort to forward first class mail to the student’s permanent address that is on file. Second or third class mail, including magazines, newspapers, etc., will NOT be forwarded. It is recommended that students change the address with all correspondents, especially banks, credit card companies and magazine companies, to ensure delivery.

Forwarding first class mail to a different address, other than the student’s permanent address, requires a completed green change of address card which are located at the Postal Center.

Graduating students who need to change their permanent address should visit the Alumnae House.

Summer School Students

New and continuing students attending summer school and living on campus, should visit the mail room on the first day of the summer session to pick up mail box combinations.

Contact Information
1st Floor Cate Student Center
(919) 760-8464
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)