Accelerated Law Degree Program

Meredith College has agreements with two law schools that allow students to save time and money by completing their senior year of undergraduate study and first year of law school simultaneously.

Students in both programs complete all general education requirements and major requirements at Meredith within three years, and then proceed to law school at Campbell University in downtown Raleigh, or at Elon University in downtown Greensboro, N.C. Successful completion of the Accelerated Law Degree Program saves students one year of college.

Why Pursue the Accelerated Law Degree Program at Meredith?

  • Our students have a strong history of success in law school and are often awarded scholarships
  • There is a vast network of Meredith alumnae who are practicing lawyers or students in law school who want to help you succeed
  • Meredith, Campbell Law, and Elon Law all have small class sizes and supportive faculty
  • You can choose from a variety of majors including political science, history, English, economics, communication, and even chemistry and public health
  • women’s college setting is known to enhance confidence and develop strong leadership and communication skills – all of which will serve you well in a competitive law school environment

How it Works
Spend three years at Meredith College, completing all general education requirements and the coursework for your major. In your fourth year, begin study at Campbell Law or Elon Law, and the credits earned during this year will complete your Meredith degree while counting toward your law degree. (Students at Campbell Law can continue to live on campus at Meredith during this fourth year.)

Program Requirements

  • You would need to take an average of 17 credits a semester and declare your major by the beginning of your second year in order to complete the program on time.
  • While there is no guarantee of admission to Campbell Law or Elon Law, Meredith students traditionally have done well in law school given the excellent preparation students receive.

Next Steps
Interested in pursuing this program or have questions? Please contact Whitney Ross Manzo, Ph.D., Program Coordinator and Pre-Law Advisor at  

“Meredith’s general education program, which requires writing intensive courses, information literacy, and oral communication, builds skills that law schools want and that prepare our students for success in any career.”Whitney Ross Manzo, Ph.D., Program Coordinator and Pre-Law Advise

Contact Information
Whitney Ross Manzo
Associate Professor of Political Science; Pre-Law Advisor
209A Lux Hall
(919) 760-8540