Work on Next Phase of Strategic Plan Underway

As 2016 turns to 2017, the College community is focusing on building the next iteration of the Meredith Forever strategic plan, which will shape Meredith for the next five years (2017-22).

Goals and Objectives (GO) teams have been appointed to lead this effort, and are organized around Meredith Forever’s six pillars – Educational Excellence, Enrollment, Facilities and IT, Financial Strength, Visibility, and Quality of Life.

“This iteration of our plan focuses on building on the strengths of the College to take bolder steps toward a stronger future over the next five years,” said President Jo Allen. “The Board of Trustees, the Administrative Management Council, and faculty and staff have already weighed in with some great ideas and may continue to do so through the GO teams.” 

The GO teams are sorting through the many suggestions offered to identify promising ideas and directions that will enhance the strength of their pillar. When identifying a strength that is viable for building on, GO team members will use their creativity to determine in what way they may recommend building on that strength. The GO teams will primarily be asking “what” and “why” various ideas should be pursued and will then enter their ideas into a modified version of the standard plan template, focusing only on the Goals and Objectives, the Intended Outcomes, and the Criteria for Success. 

Once the GO teams complete their work, determining “how” and “when” elements of the plan will be turned over to the College’s experts. Following approval from ELT, the GO teams’ template of work will pass to the various units and departments around campus charged with delivering the outcomes. These professionals will use their expertise in the area to identify appropriate action steps, timelines, and resources needed.

Key ideas will be ready for the Board of Trustees’ mid-March meeting and the completed template ready for approval in the summer meeting.

”Meredith College has demonstrated that a culture of planning leads to energy and mutual respect among faculty, staff, and trustees; and disciplined implementation of the plan results in demonstrable achievements and positive outcomes,” said Allen. “The 2017-22 plan promises even greater results as we build on institutional strengths to further advance the College and enhance our future.”

Goals and Objectives (GO) Teams

The GO Team leaders are as follows:

Educational Excellence
Ann Gleason, Co-Chair
Kristie Ogilvie, Co-Chair
Jean Jackson, ELT representative

Francie Cuffney, Co-Chair
Grace Sugg, Co-Chair
Matthew Poslusny, ELT representative

Facilities and IT
Sharon Malley, Co-Chair
Diane Sherman, Co-Chair
Craig Barfield, ELT representative

Financial Strength
Cindy Edwards, Co-Chair
Susan Williams, Co-Chair
Lennie Barton, ELT representative

Karen Dunton, Co-Chair
Teresa Holder, Co-Chair
Kristi Eaves-McLennan, ELT representative

Quality of Life
Dana Sumner, Co-Chair
Jeff Waller, Co-Chair
Jo Allen, ELT representative

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