Wellness Festival 2017 Book and “Wellness” Activities

Alice in Wonderland -- Paints roses and plays croquet

Divergent - Jumps off trains and lands on buildings (really gets the heart rate up)

Nancy Drew - Traveling around to find clues to solve mysteries (secret passageways)

Hunger Games - Hiking and hunting with a bow and arrow

Hamlet - Fencing with poison swords

Harry Potter - Running away from giant spiders and fighting off trolls as well as walking through the forbidden forest to kill, fighting giant snakes

Twilight - Family game of baseball and speed runs up mountains while “weight-lifting” a girl

The Fellowship of the Ring - Traveled all over the land by foot for 11 months, 1 week and 6 days, to destroy “one ring”

The Odyssey - Built a ship to escape from a nymph and fights sea monsters (10 year non-stop journey, captured by a nymph), Shots arrow to take over kingdom during a competition

The Great Gatsby - Weekly all night lavish parties dancing the Charleston and golf tournaments

Pride and Prejudice - Horseback riding and long walks into town and nearby estates

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