Update on Meredith’s F-1 International Students

As many of you know, our F-1 international students have been experiencing tremendous and unnecessary stress this summer caused by ever-changing government regulations. The Office of International Programs (OIP) has been closely monitoring the evolving situation and interpreting policies for students, faculty, and staff. We have created a comprehensive FAQ document for F-1 students and thought it would be helpful to share with faculty, too.

These regulations are complex and we know this is a busy time, so here are a few key points from the FAQ’s that faculty may need to know:

  • New F-1 international students cannot attend Meredith 100% online in the fall if they are able to arrive in the U.S.
  • Future F-1 international students who have been admitted, but aren’t able to secure a visa in time for fall (nearly all of our incoming F-1 students), can begin the fall semester 100% online from their home countries without jeopardizing their status. The F-1 regulations go into effect once a student enters the U.S.
  • Current F-1 international students are allowed to take all online courses for the fall semester. This originally was not the case, but thanks to many lawsuits and petitions, including advocacy from Meredith College, the original guidance was rescinded.

Traci Johnson, Assistant Director of International Programs and primary international student advisor, has been working to ensure that each F-1 student at Meredith feels supported academically, socially, and emotionally.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the many faculty and staff who have reached out to show their support and have collaborated with our office to make these students feel secure at Meredith during an unsettling time. If you have any questions about F-1 international students in the future, please feel free to connect with Traci at

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