The Meredith Fund Supporting the College’s Greatest Needs

The Meredith Fund holds an annual competition between alumnae classes known as Meredith Mayhem during May and June. The competition has changed since its inception in 2011, and since 2018 a winning class has been selected for each decade. Mayhem encourages alumnae participation in giving back to Meredith. While gifts may be designated to any area, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic  this year the Meredith Fund is encouraging alumnae to make gifts supporting the Greatest Needs.

Meredith’s Greatest Needs fund is essential to the financial health of the College. The unrestricted fund supports all the immediate needs of the College, and the flexibility of these funds is critical during this time for College leadership to adapt to unforeseen circumstances due to the pandemic.

“When alumnae give to the Greatest Needs, they are supporting every part of campus life: academics, faculty support, grounds and facilities, and scholarships. These funds support the College’s budget at every level,” said Erin Cleghorn, director of The Meredith Fund. “Our annual giving goal is $2.4 million this year, and so far we’ve reached $2,047,894, which is ahead of the same time last year, but we still have a way to go.”

Meredith Mayhem will run through June 30. Classes with the most donors in each decade will win the competition, and alumnae can check their class standings at

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