The Library’s New Collections in JSTOR and New Q & A Feature

The library has provided online access to JSTOR for years now, but over the break we added two new collections to this resource. The two new collections are Art and Sciences IV and Art and Sciences VII and combined they add almost 300 new titles growing the collection by 40%. Now JSTOR is an even more comprehensive resource for you and your students’ research.

Art and Sciences IV has 108 journals covering law, education, business, psychology and public policy. Art and Science VII has 185 journals on a variety of disciplines in humanities, social sciences, classical studies and business. Some of these journals have previously been unavailable online in any of our resources.  For many other journals that had been available through other library resources, these JSTOR collections add years or even decades worth of issues.

The articles that form these new collections will just show up when you search JSTOR. You can also get to this content when searching in other databases. If you see the “Check for Full Text” button, this will link you to available content in JSTOR.

Also over the break the library created and implemented a new FAQ feature. Now on the library’s homepage you can click the link to our new frequently asked questions page. You can read through the list or simply type your question in the search box to discover the answer to your question.

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News Director
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