Student Advice Series: Favorite First Semester Classes

For this installment of our summer series, we asked students to tell us about which class was a favorite during their first semester at Meredith. See what classes they chose, and what made these classes stand out.

“My favorite was Clothing and Society, a 100 level fashion course for both merchandising and design students. For me the class was a reassurance that I was going into the correct field. Essentially the class taught us the psychology behind fashion, why you dress the way you do, and how what people wear affects one’s behavior. Fashion became more than visuals for me after this course; it became both an art and a science.” – Blake Elmore, ’18, a Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising major from Lexington, N.C.

“French 205 was absolutely my favorite class first semester. It wasn’t an easy class, but I always found myself enjoying the time I spent in and out of class working on the material. I was never afraid to say something wrong. The professor and students were all supportive, and many of us reminisce fondly on the times we shared working on projects and homework.” ––Jessica Bunn,’19, a Chemistry and Biology major from Wilson, N.C.

“My favorite class my first semester was the general biology class and lab. I really enjoyed my professor. It was my first class that I had with a lab, which was really interesting. It was a great class to start off the year.” —Katelyn Steadman, ’19, a Biology major from Randleman, N.C.

“Honors English 111 was my favorite class during my first semester at Meredith. The class challenged me both intellectually and creatively, and the professor made the experience really special. I truly learned a lot about the subject itself as well as college life in general.” —Mary Kolisnichenko, ’19, a Mathematics and Economics major from Luhansk, Ukraine.

“Intro to Communication was the start of my Communication career. I loved having the diversity of concentrations and that is how I learned which concentrations to choose.” —Yessy Anorve-Basoria, ’19, a Communication major from Apex, N.C.

Several students listed First-Year Experience (FYE) as their favorite first semester classes.

“First-Year Experience helped me succeed in my first year at Meredith. I gained a better insight to my top five strengths, grasped the concept of time management better, learned the proper way to track my spending, became more familiar with the resources at Meredith, and learned a lot about what Raleigh has to offer. –Kayla Satterwhite, ’20, a Psychology major from Oxford, N.C.

“First Year Experience (FYE) is a very relaxed class that provides important information you need to know as a freshman that will help you through the year and beyond.” —Helina Biru, ’18, an Interior Design major from Ethiopia.

“First-Year Experience (FYE) helped me get used to life at Meredith and helped me prepare for the rest of my years at Meredith.” —Kaitlin Toxey, ’18, a Psychology and Communication major from Raleigh, N.C.

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