Staying Strong Spotlight: Extra Effort at Campus Clear Check-in 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Meredith students and employees have followed community standards as part of the College’s Staying Strong plan. Campus Police helps make one of these tasks — the daily check-in with Campus Clear at the front gate — possible.

Chief of Campus Police Al White sees the check-in at the gatehouse as another way his team supports safety at Meredith.

“The role of Campus Police/Security remains constant — to provide safety, security, and customer service,” White said. 

During COVID, providing safety and security has included checking Campus Clear for each person who enters campus.

“On a daily basis, regardless of the weather conditions or circumstances, someone from Campus Police/Security is the first face you see as you enter Meredith campus,” White said. Secuirity Officer at Gatehouse

Melinda Campbell, professor and interim dean of the School of Education, Health and Human Sciences, recently shared that she especially appreciates the way Security Officer Tito Sanchez (pictured) approaches this task.

“He is just an awesome guy who always has a smile on his face and often is seen walking the front drive with energy and such a positive greeting for everyone in the morning. No car is waved through without a bright ‘Good morning and have a great day today!’ sentiment,” Campbell said. “Our security folks continue to demonstrate warmth and friendliness to all of us as we come to work in the morning and it is such a feel-good moment to see a sincere smile and friendly exchange. This kindness is much appreciated during these difficult times.” 

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