Spring 2024 Semester Accounting Reminders

Meredith’s Accounting Office has shared reminders of upcoming events regarding student account updates and tuition payment information. 

Student account information is available online through Self-Service. Proxy access must be provided by the student for parents or others to view or pay on the account. The student must also reset your password if you forget it. If your email has changed, please have your student update it so that you can receive information. 

Spring 2024 Semester Billing Information 

December 1, 2023 – Spring tuition is due in full to secure spring classes. You can also enroll or re-enroll in a payment plan before December 1  to secure classes. 

Spring semester payment options for pre-registered students: 

  • Pay online through Self Service in full with e-check, credit or debit card. 
  • Mail a check: Make checks payable to Meredith College and mail to: Accounting Office, Johnson Hall, 3800 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27607 (Be sure to include the student ID# on the check.)
  • Enroll in a monthly payment plan: Monthly payment plans are available online through ACI Payments for five monthly payments (Dec 1-April 1) or four monthly payments (Jan 1-April 1).

If your student balance is covered in full by loans and scholarships, you do not need to make a payment. Please refer to the student’s award letter for complete information. 

Please note: There is a merchant transaction fee for online payments using a credit/debit card. No fee is incurred for  ACH/e-check payments. 

1098-T Forms 

Please make sure your student’s Social Security Number is on file if you wish to receive a 1098-T for tax credits.  If you claim your student as a dependent, you may be eligible for tax credits with your 2023 tax filing, for which you will need form 1098-T statement of qualified tuition and fees. If you wish to receive this form In January of 2024, it is imperative that you supply a social security number or individual tax ID number by December 1, 2023. 

If your student does not have a social security number on file, please have them to contact the Office of the  Registrar at or 919-760-8593 by December 1, 2023. 

We must have your information on file by December 1 in order to include it in the tax filing for 2023. Tax forms will be available no later than January 31, 2024. A communication will be sent regarding electronic delivery of the forms, otherwise the forms will be mailed. 

For More Information 

Questions regarding billing and payments should be directed to the Accounting Office at (919) 760-8363 or to our email at

Visit our website at for more information regarding student accounts: 

Questions regarding Financial Aid (loans, grants, scholarships) should be directed to the Office of Financial Assistance  at or (919) 760-8565.

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News Director
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(919) 760-8087
Fax: (919) 760-8330