Assessment Matters: Spring 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey

Results from the 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey show that overall Meredith student satisfaction levels have stayed positive. 1218 undergraduate students were invited to participate in the survey in the first week of February, and 512 students responded to the questionnaire.

The following are some highlights that show significant levels of student satisfaction with their Meredith experiences:

  • 95% reported that faculty/staff members have shown interest in their development
  • 95% have clearer expectations of themselves than when they entered college
  • 92% are glad they came to Meredith
  • 92% are satisfied with their student experience at Meredith
  • 92% agreed that they had been supported in identifying and/or enhancing their strengths

In order to gather some qualitative data about the Meredith experience, the 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey asked students about “some of the most important factors that keep you at Meredith.” The following comments are a sample of the kind of responses we received:

“I had a good support system, including friends and professors. I love the communities here and feel comfortable in my classes to contribute and learn. I also love the bonding with peers and classmates through clubs, organizations, and Traditions.”

“Some important factors here at Meredith that keep me grounded are the helpful teachers and administrators that I encounter. The teachers that I’ve had thus far are very patient, helpful, and understanding, and genuinely want to see you succeed and help push you there along the way.”

“The support I’ve gotten here is what has kept me going. There were a lot of times I wanted to give up, but the amount of support I’ve gotten in each class has been overwhelming in the best way possible. I’m incredibly grateful for the staff here at MC!!”

This year the Office of Research, Planning and Assessment (RPA) partnered with the Office of Student Leadership and Service to share some of the data gathered through the 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey with student leaders during the annual Presidents’ Retreat. RPA staff workshopped with small student groups to identify useful information that could be incorporated into student organizations’ program planning for the fall semester.

The results from this survey are used by a number of units on campus in their annual assessment processes and to make ongoing improvements, as well as by the Student Success Center to reach out to students who have expressed particular concern(s) or are deemed a retention risk. A summary trend report will be available on the RPA MyMeredith page in the coming weeks – listed under Institutional Survey Reports. Please contact RPA if you need data in a different format or broken down by specific student group(s).

Thank you to everyone for working to enhance the experiences and satisfaction of our students!

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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