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The best way for prospective students to learn about Meredith College is to tour campus with those who know the College best – current students! Fifty-five students serve as campus tour guides for Admissions as part of their membership in White Iris Circle.

After an application and interview process, selected students complete a two-day training program that includes learning Meredith facts, discussing messaging, studying the tour route, understanding the importance of their role in the campus visit, and preparing for scenarios they may encounter as a tour leader. Following the group sessions, the guides complete a practice tour with Admissions staff members and receive feedback. The group meets monthly throughout the year and receives updates or ongoing training as needed.

“These students are well-trained to be Meredith ambassadors because a campus tour is such an important part of the college search,” says Associate Director of Admissions Grace Sugg, ’07.

“A student-led tour is an essential part of the campus visit because it allows prospective students and families to hear directly from someone experiencing Meredith firsthand. Visitors are able to connect with students who are sharing authentic experiences from their daily college lives,” Sugg said. “As students who have recently completed the college search, stories about their classes, involvement, and [their reasons] ‘why Meredith’ resonate with families.”

In this feature, get to know Meredith in a new way, through the favorite places, fun facts, and frequently asked questions shared by a few of Meredith’s student tour guides.

Jill Bromenschenkel, ’21
Family and Consumer Sciences major
Naperville, Illinois

Favorite spot on Meredith’s tour
“My favorite spot on the tour is the penrose tiling in SMB, because it is a really neat visual to show a project Meredith students have done and a great opportunity to share about research opportunities.”

Favorite fact to share
“I like to share about the labs in Martin, including food and nutrition kitchen labs and the fashion studio that has all new industrial sewing machines that are what everyone in the fashion industry is using.”

Frequently Asked Questions
“I get asked about campus life and what campus is like on the weekends.”

Charli White, ’21
Psychology major
St. Pauls, N.C.

Favorite spot on Meredith’s tour
“We end the tour at the Beam Fountain on Main Campus Drive. This is one of my favorite spots because it allows me to talk more about Meredith’s many traditions, most of which are commemorated with a photograph by this fountain! Whether it’s Fire and Water Dinner, Spring Formal, or Cornhuskin’, the fountain is sure to be in at least one of the pictures.”

Favorite fact to share
“I like to share that Meredith is rooted in tradition, and that there is a place for everyone to be involved and find community. Students are highly encouraged to get involved in these activities on campus that will ultimately shape their experience at Meredith and their life after Meredith.”

Frequently Asked Questions
“I often get asked about the dining hall and food on campus, as well as the roommate selection process. I also get asked about Meredith’s study abroad programs and about on-campus job opportunities.”

Kiley van Ryn, ’22
Biology major with 9-12 licensure
Garner, N.C.

Favorite spot on the Meredith tour
“Walking through the Science and Math Building and peeking around the corner to Ledford. I love being able to show people the two places where I learn and study the most. Not a day passes where I am not in both the Science and Math Building and Ledford. These two buildings have my heart, and I love being able to share my passion and excitement with others.”

Favorite fact to share
“I love including information about the Meredith Autism Program on my tours. I have such a high appreciation for it as a unique and special aspect of Meredith. Programs like these that are so special to Meredith make me love this college more and more each day!”

Frequently Asked Questions
“I often get asked what life is like on a college campus without men, and how different it is than life at a co-ed college or university.”

Hannah Porter, ’22
Child Development major with K-6 licensure
Greenville, N.C.

Favorite spot on the Meredith tour
“I always love talking about Heilman Residence Hall and getting to show prospective students and their families a room on the first floor. I often point out the room I lived in during my freshman year as we are walking down the hallway. These moments allow me to reflect on all that I experienced during my first year of college, and realize how much I have grown during my time at Meredith.”

Favorite fact to share
“I love to talk about all of the Meredith traditions in general, Cornhuskin’, Stunt, etc.”

Frequently Asked Questions
“When engaging with parents and families, I often get asked questions relating to campus life, residence hall rules and policies, academic programs, tuition and financial aid, as well as how I feel that Meredith promotes a unified community.”

Harper Pruitt, ’21
Business Administration major
Oxford, N.C.

Favorite spot on the Meredith tour
“A favorite spot of mine on campus is the Harris Building, my second home. As a business administration major, I spend a lot of my time there. The student lounge in Harris is a great place to study before tests.”

Favorite fact to share
“Our student to teacher ratio is 11:1 and the average class size is 16. This is my favorite fact because it shows how close the Meredith community truly is and how students are able to build personal but professional relationships with their professors.”

Frequently Asked Questions
“I always get asked the question: ‘Why did you choose to attend Meredith?’ While I am a fourth-generation Meredith Angel that isn’t the only reason I chose to attend Meredith. I truly love the aspect of community and home that Meredith promotes. I have created lifelong friendships and professional connections that I wouldn’t have without the environment Meredith provides for me to learn and grow. Our traditions are one of a kind and create a sense of community that I will cherish for years to come.”

Ashlynn Davis, ’21
Communication and Dance major
Apex, N.C.

Favorite spot on the Meredith tour
“My favorite part of the tour is after we leave a residence hall and walk between Brewer and Faircloth to the Johnson Hall/Belk Dining Hall courtyard. I always have a difficult time deciding what to share of my favorite memories from this location, which is a great problem to have.”

Favorite fact to share
“Meredith has one of the longest running student self-government systems in the Southeast.”

Frequently Asked Questions
“I always get asked what campus life is like on the weekends. Many prospective students also have a lot of questions about what living on campus is like. We often use the line ‘You just have to experience it!’ for Cornhuskin’, but I think this saying applies to Meredith College as a whole. It really isn’t like any other institution.”

Why a Campus Visit Matters
Research shows that the campus visit makes a difference in the college search, and Meredith’s tour guides agree.

“A campus visit is a way to see if the college is the right fit for you. A tour is important because it allows prospective students to be immersed in the life of the campus, if only for a short amount of time. It allows you to see campus resources in person and interact with students and faculty that you may be working with one day,” said Charli White, ’21. “I think it is hard to fully get a sense of the school through online pictures.”

Encourage high school women in your family and community to visit to learn more about Meredith.

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