Sales Management Class Supports Local Nonprofit

Students in Meredith’s Sales Management class put their skills to work during the Fall 2016 semester to support a local nonprofit, raising more than $2,500 in monetary donations and supplies.

Assistant Professor of Business Kelly Wilder asked her class to “sell” the product of a local nonprofit by soliciting monetary, clothing, toys, and personal item donations. In addition to the money raised, the students gathered a roomful of donations — 88 bags full.

Student teams first had to present nonprofit options to their classmates. The class selected InterAct of Wake County, an organization that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

After the organization was chosen, the students used the course’s sales lessons to build support.

“They had to choose their prospects, identify possible objections a prospective donor could have, develop a script, and deliver their sales pitch,” Wilder said.

This was the first year that Wilder had designed the class around supporting a nonprofit rather than a hypothetical business product. There were 27 students in the class, which was made up of business, fashion, and communication majors.

In addition to building sales skills, Wilder’s students were able to support a cause they were passionate about, which made the coursework more valuable.

“Having them choose the nonprofit to support made them more invested,” Wilder said. “The students seem proud that they have something tangible to show for their projects.”

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