Romance Language Week at Meredith

Romance Language Week at Meredith College was a celebration of diversity and culture on campus. Students and faculty explored French, Hispanic, and Italian culture by participating in a variety of exciting and enriching weeklong events and celebrations. Events included a Hispanic  heritage fiesta, a cheese tasting night, and reveal of a display case in Campbell Library filled with authentic Italian knick-knacks collected by Meredith students and faculty. Other events during Romance Language Week included a French craft event, a Jane the Virgin viewing with conversation focusing on novellas and their importance to Hispanic culture, and a multicultural trivia night that was full of friendly competition and candy from different cultures.

The highlight of the week was Cheese Night, held on Tuesday, October 18. Students explored French, Hispanic, and Italian cultures in one large, delicious celebration. The feast consisted of various French, Italian, and Hispanic cheeses and their pairings; mainly fruit, nuts, and bread. More than 40 Meredith students attended the event where they watched hilarious skits about cheese and mingled over tasty food and music.

The series of events exposed Meredith students to cultural enlightenment, gave them opportunities to talk with foreign language professors about language and cultural courses at Meredith, and provided a chance for students who have studied abroad in places such as Paris, France, and Sansepolcro, Italy, to share their experiences with other interested students.

Romance Language Week concluded Monday, October 24, with Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead celebration, where students paid homage to deceased ancestors and loved ones.

By Darrielle Milford, ’19

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