Retired Faculty Member Supports History Students

In 2022, Carolyn Murray Happer and her husband Leonard Shaw Graham created the Happer-Graham History Scholarship and the Happer-Graham History Program Fund. These gifts will help support history students who aspire to become teachers and enhance learning opportunities by funding research, summer study, and conference attendance.

Happer began teaching at Meredith in 1964 and retired in 2015. During that time she taught Western Civilization, American History, Southern History, North Carolina History, Twentieth Century European History, Holocaust Experiences, Women’s History, and Social Studies Methods.

“Hands down my favorite course was the Western Civilization class, especially the first semester,” said Happer. “I enjoyed teaching it because of the sweep of the past that it encompassed and the breadth of the concepts it covered.”

Happer enjoyed her time at Meredith including the beauty of the campus and interacting with students, who she says were a privilege to know. Working with faculty and staff also resulted in many long and cherished friendships.

“I always felt I was extremely fortunate to be a part of Meredith,” said Happer.

Happer also participated in Meredith’s exchange program with Dongbei University in Dalian in northern China.

“Everyone there was so gracious and kind; indeed, I had never experienced such hospitality,” said Happer. “When I returned I wanted to express my appreciation to our Chinese colleagues by extending to them the hospitality that I had experienced; this led to over a decade of shepherding the Chinese exchange professors.”

That experience brought her many rewards including meaningful friendships, new insights into Chinese culture and history, and many fun experiences.

Happer also wrote a book, Chosen for Destruction, which combined the personal memories of Holocaust survivor Morris Glass with a description of the events which shaped his experiences.

“I heard Mr. Glass speak at the Holocaust remembrance program which for several decades was held at Meredith,” Happer said. “I was so moved by his story that I felt compelled to write it so that his experiences could be available to a wide audience.”

Happer and her husband created the scholarship and the history program fund to support history students as a way to say thank you to Meredith.

“I am hopeful that the scholarship will benefit the History Department, and I am also interested in encouraging Meredith students to consider teaching. I think the scholarship has accomplished this and my message to those who receive the scholarship is that I cherish my experiences with Meredith and that I want to enhance yours,” said Happer.

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