Psychology Faculty and Students Attend Regional Conference

Associate Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris and Professor of Psychology Cynthia Edwards presented Maximizing Benefits of Intergenerational Community-Engaged Learning: Lessons from the Field at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in New York City. The paper was based on data collected over two years through a Council on Independent Colleges/AARP Foundation Intergenerational Partnerships grant.

Traveling with Morris and Edwards were seven students, each of whom independently presented posters at the meeting: Sandra Taranhike, ’19, The Effect of Mismatched Expectations on Female Friendships; Allison Kvasnicka, ’20, An Analysis of the Transition to College: Stress, Resilience, and Resources; Morgan Hendrix, ’20, and Colleen McKeel, ’17, The Relationship between Attachment Dimensions and Overall Relationship Depth in College Students; Temperance Lampe, ’18, Relationship between Racial Identity Incongruity, Belongingness and Loneliness in Emerging Adulthood; Julia Johnson, ’20, Relationship between Undergraduate Major and Stress and Resiliency, Viktoria Anissimova, Triangle Math and Science Academy and Colleen McKeel, ’17, Comparison of Grit and Resilience in Student Populations; and Jenna Curia, ’22, Gender Inequality and Social Normality: A Qualitative Analysis of Gender in Religious Workspaces.

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