Psychology Faculty and Students Attend Regional Conference

Image of Meredith students and faculty who attended the Eastern Psychological Association conference in NYC

Associate Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris and Professor of Psychology Cynthia Edwards presented Maximizing Benefits of Intergenerational Community-Engaged Learning: Lessons from the Field at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in New York City. The paper was based on data collected over two years through a Council on Independent Colleges/AARP Foundation Intergenerational Partnerships grant.

Traveling with Morris and Edwards were seven students, each of whom independently presented posters at the meeting: Sandra Taranhike, ’19, The Effect of Mismatched Expectations on Female Friendships; Allison Kvasnicka, ’20, An Analysis of the Transition to College: Stress, Resilience, and Resources; Morgan Hendrix, ’20, and Colleen McKeel, ’17, The Relationship between Attachment Dimensions and Overall Relationship Depth in College Students; Temperance Lampe, ’18, Relationship between Racial Identity Incongruity, Belongingness and Loneliness in Emerging Adulthood; Julia Johnson, ’20, Relationship between Undergraduate Major and Stress and Resiliency, Viktoria Anissimova, Triangle Math and Science Academy and Colleen McKeel, ’17, Comparison of Grit and Resilience in Student Populations; and Jenna Curia, ’22, Gender Inequality and Social Normality: A Qualitative Analysis of Gender in Religious Workspaces.

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