Once Again, In Wonderland: A Student Reflects on Alice

When I came to Meredith in 2012, I had no idea what I would see or who I would meet along the way during my four-year journey. I thought I knew myself pretty well back then. However, my time here has helped me grow into a strong woman who claims Meredith College – sometimes lovingly referred to as Wonderland – with pride.

Some of my favorite memories are from the traditions that make Meredith so special. 

After waiting in line for six hours on Saturday, I witnessed the magical tradition of Alice in Wonderland, performed by my beloved faculty and staff. One of my instructors was the sassy Mad Hatter, and I spotted other professors of mine as the adorable Alice, a fantastic dancing lobster, and the feisty Queen of Hearts.

I recognized many more faces on that stage, and it meant so much to me that they all took time out of their busy lives to give us seniors such a touching parting gift. It was the best tradition my fellow senior sisters and I could have asked for during our final year in Wonderland.

Cheyenne Williams, ’16, sat with me and said, “I am thankful that they put that together for us, because it shows that they really love us and are devoted to us. Meredith College isn’t just a job for them.”

My time in Wonderland may come to an end when I graduate this spring, but I am forever thankful and grateful to the mentors I’ve bonded with since my journey here began. I’ll always be coming back, just like Alice said, and I’ll be coming back strong.

— By Lillian Redding, ’16, a communication major and member of the Marketing Department’s student writing team. 

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