New Programs Allow Students to Earn Graduate Degrees Faster

Meredith College recently announced two new programs that will allow students to earn graduate degrees at an accelerated pace, saving time and money.

“We are proud to announce newly designed curricula that reflect the ways more students are choosing to go to college,” said President Jo Allen. “Based on well-constructed pathways and faculty/staff guidance and support, our students will be work- and life-ready by building on their strengths for more inspirational and meaningful experiences.”

Meredith and Campbell Law School Partnership

One option is the result of a 3+3 Program partnership between Meredith and Campbell Law School. Through the 3+3 Program, qualified Meredith students will be able to earn an undergraduate degree from Meredith and a J.D. from Campbell Law in just six years. The student will spend three years at Meredith, completing all general education requirements and the coursework for her major. In her fourth year, the student will begin study at Campbell School of Law and the credits earned during this year will complete her Meredith degree while counting toward the law degree. Students can continue to live on campus at Meredith during this fourth year.

Meredith College has a proven track record of preparing students for success in law school, according to Assistant Professor of Political Science Whitney Ross Manzo, Meredith’s pre-law advisor. Manzo will serve as the 3+3 Program coordinator.

“Meredith’s general education program, which requires writing intensive courses, information literacy, and oral communication, builds skills that law schools want and that prepare our students for success in any career,” said Manzo. “Meredith also has a vast network of alumnae who are practicing lawyers or students in law school who want to help our current students succeed.”

Meredith and Campbell Law School share many characteristics that make this partnership attractive to students. Both schools offer small class sizes and supportive faculty, along with all the benefits of their location in the heart of North Carolina’s capital city.

Earn a Meredith Undergraduate Degree and an MBA in Five Years

Meredith’s new Accelerated MBA option will allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in just five years. Open to all majors, the Accelerated MBA is a 4+1 program that will allow students to earn a graduate degree in just one additional year. Meredith College’s competitive, nationally-ranked MBA program is the lowest-cost AACSB program in the Triangle.

“It is a strong option for students who want to combine an MBA with their undergraduate degree in fields including, but not limited to, the arts, English, communication, STEM fields, or design,” said Kristie Ogilvie, dean of the School of Business.

Qualified students will complete a core set of business courses during their first three years at Meredith. During their senior year, students in the program will take two MBA courses that will count toward both degrees. Students will then be able to complete the Meredith MBA with two semesters and two summer sessions.

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